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BCATC Students Present Kentucky Board of Education with Kentucky Department of Education logos made of wood and aluminum at Frankfort Meeting
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Monday, May 08, 2017
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Kentucky Board of Education was surprised with the work of BCATC students on April 12th.

During the Kentucky Board of Education meeting, students from the Breckinridge County ATC presented custom-made metal and wood Kentucky Department of Education logos that will hang in KDE offices in Frankfort.

Carpentry students began work on their project near the end of the fall semester. The first step was to design the project. This allowed them to predetermine how to construct the logo and which types of wood would compliment it best.


Machine Tool students used computers to design a template for their project. They were also faced with the decision of choosing the best materials to use based on workability and price.

The logos built by the Breckinridge County ATC students are part of an effort to display the students’ creativity.

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