Handbook (Full)
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Handbook (Full)

Handbook (Sections)
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1 BCATC Handbook Intro

A Academic Probation

A Admission Procedures

A Adult Students

A Appropriate Dress

A Attendance Policy

B Books and Supplies

C Certificates

C Check Out

C Cleanliness of Buildings, Restrooms, and Grounds

C Cloverport Students

C Course Syllabi

C Crime Awareness and Campus Security

D Discipline

D Drills and Evacuations

D Driving and Parking Regulations

D Drug Free Policy

F Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

F Field Trips

F First Aid Policy

G Grading System and Course Work Requirements

G Grievance Procedure

H Hall Passes

H Harassment - Actions Not Tolerated

H Harassment Policy

H Hazardous Communication Plan

H Hazing/Bullying

I Inclement Weather Schedule

I Insurance

I Internet Use Policy

L Lab / Classroom Safety

L Lost and Found

M Makeup Work

M Media Information Release

M Medical Record

M Medications

P Personal Telecommunication Devices

P Program Changes

R Repair of Personal Items / Work Orders

S Safety

S Search and Seizure

S Smoking Policy / Use of Tobacco Products

S Standards of Behavior

S Student Follow-Up

S Student Services

S Suspension and Expulsion of Students

T Tardy Policy

T Telephone

T Textbooks

T Tuition and Fees (Postsecondary Students)

V Visitors

W Weapons on Campus

W Work-Based Learning